Infant & Toddler

Fostering Independence & Developing Practical Life Skills

From birth to three years old children learn more thoroughly, quickly and efficiently than at any other time of life; their absorbent minds are like a sponge soaking up information. At perhaps no other stage of life is the joy of learning so evident. When given the opportunity, children will grow and develop through experience, training and practice.

Why would anyone do 'daycare' when for about the same investment, you can get so much more!”
The infant and toddler program at CCM focuses on the individual child’s needs and helps him or her develop independence. Children of this age want to contribute to their society and will mimic the actions of the adults around them. Dressing themselves, taking care of plants and animals, serving themselves food and drink, and washing eating utensils are just a few of the many tasks they want to accomplish.

We cannot say enough about how wonderful her preschool teacher, Mrs. Herron, has been. She is so kind and passionate about her work. She shows daily how much she loves these children...  Mrs. Herron has fostered a love of learning that will be with our daughter the rest of her life.” ~ Ted and Janet
Our program is based upon sound science:
  • Development that occurs in motor abilities, the brain, and sensation and perception during the first three years of life lays important groundwork for such skills as language, reading, writing and mathematics.
  • During the first three years of life, the brain absorbs more information than at any other time.
  • Repetition helps develop and maintain strong neural pathways in the brain.
  • Neural pathways developed in the first three years of life are the most stable over a person’s lifetime.
  • Given opportunity and training, young children are capable of developing many more skills than most people assume.

Calm, Secure, Ordered Classrooms

Our classsrooms are calm, secure, ordered, and have materials and activities that are designed for learning. Our preparation not only applies to the physical environment, but also to the people and experiences the child encounters in our program. The teachers strive to model the behavior they want the children to emulate (i.e. treating others with respect, speaking in calm, quiet voices, and returning materials to their proper places).

Cognitive Effectiveness through Sensorial Development

Children build cognitive effectiveness as they touch, see, smell, taste, listen, and explore the physical properties of their environment through the use of specially-designed materials.

Practical Life Skills

These activities include tasks children see as part of the daily life in their home: self-care, preparing & serving food, cleaning, polishing, sewing, weaving, carpentry skills, etc. Our children develop coordination, concentration, self-discipline, and learn to complete a task from beginning to end.

A Strong Academic Foundation

Toddlers are introduced to various academic subjects as they are ready; guided by teachers they learn at their own pace. Toddler teachers work closely with the primary teachers to bring additional work into the classroom as needed. Students also learn beginning phonics, math, geography, science, art and music.

Blossoming Faith

Our program also encourages a close personal relationship with Jesus. We attend Chapel weekly and our daily lessons include Bible stories, Bible songs, Bible overview and prayer.

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“Once we toured the facility and met with the teachers we knew this was the school we wanted our daughter at. ”

Ted and Janet
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