Our Approach

Truly no child left behind, no child held back

With montessori principles as our guide, we take a truly individualized approach with every student. Students don't just learn; with hands-on materials they discover. Within a guided framework, they are able to focus on projects that interest them most. Peers are encouraged to learn from and help one another, reinforcing concepts time and again.

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Curriculum Tailored for Each Individual & Each Subject

With the individualized instruction in our classrooms, special needs students excel and gifted students progress without limits. Curriculum is taylored subject by subject for each child. All children are continually challenged to reach their highest potential in each area of study.

“Regardless if my child is gifted in one area and struggling in another, they tailor programs to meet him or her. There's no teaching to the middle. This is how education is supposed to be done.” ~ Justin

Concrete, Hands-on Discovery

Direct personal contact with physical objects and tactile models bring complex math and science concepts to life. Before students ever memorize 3 x 4 = 12, they touch and see 3 rows of 4. The Montessori Method naturally leads the child from concrete experimentation to abstract critical thinking.

Fostering Self-direction and a Passion for Learning

Within a framework of firm guidance, children progress at their own pace. Students learn early how to take responsibility for their own work plan and manage their time effectively. Flexible curriculum enables children to explore their passions and interests independent of their peers. This self-direction develops independence and a passion for learning.

“We were plesantly surprised to discover when our kids were empowered with choices during their school day, their behavior at home in the evenings improved.” ~ The Kuhns Family

Mixed Age Classrooms

Our Montessori classes are designed for multiple age mixes (3 to 6, 6 to 9, and 9 to 12 years of age) to meet the needs of specific stages of development. This allows the younger students to learn from the older and the older students to reinforce what they know by assisting the younger students.

Scientifically Designed for the Child

The CCM Montessori environment is designed for the children’s cognitive level and size. Classroom materials match the capabilities, interests, and needs of each age group. The furniture and even bathroom fixtures are sized for the student. All materials are accessible and developmentally appropriate.

Bright, Modern and Spacious Facility and Campus

Our large modern facility has ample room for children to learn and grow. All classrooms have large walls of windows for plenty of natural light. We have dedicated spaces for lunch, before and aftercare, a library stocked with thousands of books, indoor recess spaces and more. Outside, we have fenced playgrounds with a separate toddler area and a fully paved running track.

Christian Foundation & Family Atmosphere

We nuture your child's relationship with God through Jesus Christ while being careful to avoid interdenominational differences. We're proud of the diverse array of denominations and faiths that entrust their children to us. We work hard to build a family like atmosphere for students and parents alike.

Our Mission

To provide a Christ-centered and family-focused community that educates and nurtures the whole child based on the Montessori Method, preparing each one to become a leader with integrity who honors God and contributes to society.

Our Vision

By establishing an approach defined by our faith and the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of spiritual, academic, and social growth, Cornerstone Christian Montessori seeks to empower children to grow in their understanding of the Christian faith, strive for academic excellence through the Montessori Method, and to serve the community as Christ has called us to do.

“CCM is not a daycare, it is an educational environment where the care, while highly important, is just part of what your child will receive during the day.”

The Spear Family
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