A Parent Testimony:

My daughter Faith started attending Cornerstone Christian Montessori when she was five months old.  I understand how difficult it can be to trust strangers with your child and not have the ability to rely upon family for child care as was my case.  However, from the moment I walked in the door, I could tell I was at the right place.  I did not understand the whole Montessori method when Faith first began but I soon came to realize that her being in this setting was the best thing I could have ever done for her! 

CCM is not a daycare, it is an educational environment where the care, while highly important, is just part of what your child will receive during the day.  She started learning from the 1st day I dropped her off.  Even as an infant, she was learning skills to foster her independence and development.

Faith remained in the infant and toddler room until she was three years old and then she transitioned to the primary classroom which includes three to six year olds.  In this environment the younger children learn from the older children and the older children utilize their skills to support the younger children so the children get to expand upon what they learn and apply it. 

Every time I went to a parent night or an event where I got to observe what Faith was working on, I was amazed at how Faith could independently choose a “work”, prepare it and demonstrate it.  I was able to center our household according to Montessori suggestions and foster that independence at home as well.  Faith has become an incredibly imaginative, inventive girl and I attribute that to the Montessori method and the way these children are taught to figure out things independently with the support of the teachers. 

Faith has now entered lower elementary and is in first grade.   She recently won “Best of Show” for the school science fair and also won a gold medallion at the Elkhart City Science Fair.  I could not have asked for a better elementary teacher and the fact that she is getting exposed to upper grade material is an added incentive. 

The children do not use desks or textbooks and are able to choose “works” that interest them and foster learning in their own way.  When Faith reads to me in the evening, I am amazed at what she is able to read as a 1st grader. 

From a parent who has watched her child work through the Montessori method from an infant, I can see how each stage is vitally important to the next stage.  I can see how each “work” completed in the infant/toddler, primary and lower elementary had a purpose to build up to what she is learning now.  Faith is receiving an amazing Christ centered education and I could not be any more confident in my decision to place her at CCM all those years ago! 

The Spear Family
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