A Parent Testimony:

We enrolled our four year old son Micah in the summer program at Cornerstone Christian Montessori last year.  Our niece attends Cornerstone and it came highly recommended. 

After several on and off years in a traditional daycare setting we were looking for something more and we were not disappointed.  Each day Micah came home more excited than the day before, something we had never seen out of him in his previous facility.  After a successful summer we decided to enroll Micah for the school year.  Micah is a bright boy by nature and needs to be challenged on a daily basis or like many other boys his age, he becomes bored and restless. 

Cornerstone has provided him exactly what he needed and to top it off he gets to hear the Word of God on a daily basis.  He has grown tremendously in a few short months and is loved by his teachers.  We believe so strongly in the Montessori method and Cornerstone’s ability to help our son grow that I chose to join the board of directors for the school.  Needless to say we have every intention of keeping our son enrolled until he graduates the program. 

The Obendorf Family
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