A Parent Testimony:

I can not adequately express the gratitude I have for Cornerstone Christian Montessori and the opportunities for growth it has given to my daughter. She was advanced at age 3 and was hungry for academics. When looking into other preschool options nothing came close to comparing to the academics, life skills, and religious training available at Cornerstone. By the end of her 1st year in the primary class she was fluently reading, could count well beyond 100, was skip counting, was learning memory verses every month, was exposed to science, math, and geography in a way one could only dream of for a child her age.

She is now nearing the end of her 2nd year in Mrs. Diaz's primary class at age 5 and can read well above a 1st grade level and retain what she is reading, can not only add and subtract but also multiply and divide on a basic level, is learning the books of the Bible along with memory verses, is exploring science and geography in a way that peaks her interest, and is learning life skills that help her at home. Not only that, but by being in a class that encourages students to teach/help each other she is starting to teach her younger sister the skills she is learning at school.

I can not say enough good things about this school and am EXTREMELY thankful for the experience my daughter has had. 

The McIndoo Family
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