A Parent Testimony:

When looking into preschools for our daughter we toured a lot of programs, both traditional and Montessori programs.  We had her enrolled in another Montessori Program, but the program did not feel right and we had second thoughts.   We came across Cornerstone by accident while doing a Google search and are so happy we did.  Once we toured the facility and met with the teachers we knew this was the school we wanted our daughter at.  

She has been here for two years now and loves it.  Even on the weekends she wants to go to school. Socially she has blossomed so much and educationally we are very impressed with her progress. She comes home from school singing new songs, and when she shows us her work from school, you can tell she is proud of what she has done. Her vocabulary has increased immensely and when she talks to extended family, they cannot believe her speech at the age of 3.  

We cannot say enough about how wonderful her preschool teacher, Mrs. Herron, has been. She is so kind and passionate about her work. She shows daily how much she loves these children.  Our daughter will move on to Primary next year and while we are sad to leave Mrs. Herron, we know this is the next step that she has been preparing our daughter for.  Mrs. Herron has fostered a love of learning that will be with our daughter the rest of her life. 

Thank you Cornerstone for all you have done for our daughter. You have been a true blessing to our family. We feel we were led to Cornerstone for a reason and do not believe we would have been happy with any other program. Thank you again! 

Ted and Janet
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