A Parent Testimony:

Like most parents, we want our children to get the most out of their education, to be challenged, to have a desire for learning, and to be successful in life.  Halfway through the first grade, we noticed that our daughter's desire for learning was disappearing.  She was struggling and bored with her schoolwork.  She was lost in a huge classroom of kids where everyone worked at the same pace.  The teacher had to teach to the "middle" of the class.  Those who grasped the concepts had to wait for those behind to catch up.

Our son was in pre-school at the time.  Being an active and social child, he was very eager to learn and very inquisitive of his surroundings. Looking ahead to his next year in kindergarten, we knew the "standard" classroom setting would be detrimental to this eagerness to learn new things.  His enthusiasm would soon disappear like his sister's.

We had heard of Montessori schools, but never knew exactly what they were about.  In exploring possible alternatives to the "conventional" classroom settings, we stumbled upon Cornerstone Christian Montessori.  After viewing numerous videos and reading various articles, we determined that the Montessori program was a viable alternative.  Eager to learn more about the Montessori approach to learning, we signed up to tour the facilities and observe students in their classroom settings.

Upon taking the tour, we were amazed by what the students knew about subjects such as geography, mathematics, language, writing, and practical life skills. Compared to their peers, in conventional classrooms, they were well ahead of the curve.  We liked the fact that the students can work at their own pace and do not have to wait on other students before moving onto the next assignment.  Students were also encourage to pursue fields that interested them the most.  

We decided to enroll our children after spring break.  Deciding to transfer our children to CCM is one of the best decisions we ever made.  Both children learned more in the last eight weeks of the school year than they did the whole year at their previous Christian school.  Our daughter has reignited her eagerness to learn because of CCM.  She is currently reading several grades beyond the second grade level and has excelled in areas of math and science.  

Neither child had any issues in transitioning from the conventional classroom.  You can see the excitement in our son's eyes when to talks about school and all the various avenues he is able to explode.  Like his sister, CCM has helped him to excel in areas of reading, math, science, geography, and practical life skills.  

The teaching staff and administration has been extremely supportive and vital to the success of our children.  We are grateful for the love, support, and faith they exhibit.  CCM is a loving Christian environment where students can freely share and grow in their faith.  CCM students develop and learn how to lead others not only in their classrooms but also in the communities in which they live.  

The Kuhns Family
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